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Meet the Freund Family

Launched in 2006, Freund Family Foods is a family owned and operated concession business operating at some of the biggest fairs, festivals, airshows, and special events in the United States. Featuring well known brands; Outlaw Fries, The Slush Factory, and its newest creation, the Mac & Cheese Truck; the Freund Family travels the country each year setting up food and snack concessions at State Fairs from coast to coast.


The Freund Family Foods story begins with a 14-year-old Lenny Freund who took a job at the State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri. Two years later he purchased a snow cone trailer for $500 and used it to work his way through college.


Lenny was introduced to the wonderful world of amusement parks and attractions at the 1982 World’s Fair and set off on a 20-year journey through the industry working at parks in Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Washington. He rose quickly though food service and revenue departments at some big-name parks including Dorney, Schlitterbahn, and Six Flags. Lenny was promoted to General Manager of Frontier City in the early 2000’s before moving to Wild Waves Theme and Water Park in Seattle, Washington.


Despite the detour through the amusement industry, Lenny never lost his passion for the concession business and the launch of Freund Family Foods was a can’t miss opportunity to work with his family.


Lenny’s desire to stay on the cutting edge and a can-do attitude have contributed to the family’s success over the years. Working with Bob Sokolski, Freund Family Foods introduced self-serve slush and Whirly Cups to the United States, the greatest idea to hit the industry since Dippin Dots.


Lenny and his wife, Susan, consider themselves blessed to have built a family business that can be passed down to the next generation and for the ability to give their kids the chance to work hard and learn while working in the family business.

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